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questions from a newbie

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questions from a newbie

Post by SoonAik on Fri Aug 06, 2010 5:59 pm

I have been using PnS digital camera since many years ago,but last time still small just play around and simply take photos (KODAK, 3megapixel only i guess, BUT I think the pic quality can even be better than those latest 10mp camera,but now spoilt)

Ok until last year, i bought myself a SONY CYBERSHOT W180 and started to learn and practising shooting with it.Of course, with its spec for the price offered, i have no complain at all after I m able to work with it to get what I wan.Then, recently i got myself a 2nd hand Canon 350D, at first i really "PEK CEK" (cannot tahan),coz almost noe none abt the setting all that, the pics taken by me are all very "Cacat" compared to my digital cam, as last time i only playing around with EV n ISO ( shutter n aperture setting are not allowed),
but now getting better la, shutter,aperture..can say at least i know what it is and how to set it up, after being taught by friends/seniors n mr google (no shortcut, u must try n try..yeap), haha but i m really a very limited user, as long as i get the pic(or the feel) i want, tht s all..i dont like n donnoe how to do editing ( as told by someone, in photography, editing is the real skill, after art (angle/skilss)..)maybe i ll change my mind later?but not now,for now,as long as pic is clear(physically),i m satisfy. OKAY is always far enough for me
p/s: seriously no offence to all those pro photographers n seniors here, i really respect and salute you all,and the efforts paid in producing a good photo. Cool
maybe can say tht i m lazy to spend long time doing editing (old minded perhaps,pics r supposed to be original) Sleep confused

and there s a old senior of my, he has few NIKON film slr with him, he really don't like digital-stuffs, he said pictures from digital cam are too fake (for him). he can only get the exact thing he wan from film photograph,the only good thing he agree with digital cam/slr is, the pictures are able to store in computer and share around, n printing of film is very costly.
##last time when i haven get my dslr yet, he lend me use fslr, he click a button of it n ask me what i see from it? "darker a bit lo" i said, he replied " oh..u r so new..in photogrpahy" he asked me to think abt it..but i still dont understand..lolz
well maybe u think hes kinda stubbon type of people, nop, he's great and friendly, but he has his own style la,he donnoe how to use a computer..==''

(of course this does not represent my opinion, would like to hear some words from sifus here..just hope to improve my knowledge on it..thank you) i do understand that photography is a very subject thingy. it's art!

oops,forgotten abt my question..ok there s some examples (taken with sony w180) here:

pic 1

pic 2


ok i noe the pictures are not very good n have no special meaning(for me yes,my beloved 2ndary schol), here s my questions,i m not able to take picture like this with my dslr,especially the sky colour.as u all noe,i m new in dslr, now i'm still OK OK with shutter/ape/iso setting.but still unable to capture colour like this.could it be the problem of parameter setting?for ur info,i m using just "parameter 1"(canon) n metering??(i m not clear abt metering stuff but i m sure it wont affect the colours rite..tht much)
or maybe just a coincidence tht day weather is so good n nothing to do with my skill/camera? but no doubt that I m always able to get a better cloud/sky scene with my digital cam,but not 350D (very worse, the colours are dead) I don't think its the problem of camera itself, should be i donnoe how to utilize it, someone can help here?

question 2 : NOISY PICTURES ( are good sometimes, dont u think so? )
last time when i was using my cybershot w180, i will always try to play around with hi-iso to create noise on pic..haha i noe "noises" r something that ppl wanna reduce it from the picture, but for me, its good sometime, especially to create something like an "old-town" or "old film" feel.nostalgic huh, sorry if u are not agree with me
DSLR is way too clever, they r good in reducing noise in hi-iso,so i m not able to create tht type of pics anymore with it..or maybe there s alternative way?? confused

samples from w180:
pic 3

pic 4

pic 5

pic 6

pic 7

pic 8


reasons for getting myself a dslr? its simple..to take better picture, tht s all
nowadays, more n more things r getting "commercialized", even people and pictures
its like so easy to see a "great" picture around in old time..
without any skill,technique, just because the thing,the people,the incident,the story inside the pic can easily make someone smile or be touched of it..
now ppl tend to spend more time on shooting irrevelant stuff to themselve than things/ppl around them..(even myself la sunny )

would like to listen more from ppl around here..the words are just sharing,hope it will no offended anyone here..i apologize if i did n plz let me noe..

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Re: questions from a newbie

Post by timothy on Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:51 pm

sky colour just put landscape style loh...if wan saturate, can adjust the saturation in ur camera...if not...do at photoshop

i pretty sure if 350D bump to max iso, also got grain...if not enough....add more at photoshop or use back ur compact.....

IMO, photography is 50% shoot, 50% edit....unless u shooting for fun, then u can no need to do editing at all.... photoshop is use to enhance ur picture better

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